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Discussing Spirituality and Beliefs

MC24 - Breaking the taboo: discussing spirituality and beliefs with your patients and your students

Date: Tuesday 8 September
Time: 1415-1535
Stream: 3
Theme: Curriclum


  • Veronica J. Selleger, Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands
  • Zamzam I.A. Ali, Kismayo Medical Centre, Somalia
  • Aviad Haramati, Georgetown University School of Medicine, USA
  • Maaike V. Matulewicz, Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands
  • J.M. Monica van de Ridder, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine/ Spectrum Health, USA


A crucial aspect of patient care is to inquire about beliefs, personal values or spirituality. If students are to be skilled in communicating these topics with patients, we need to teach and model a respectful, open-minded approach. In this masterclass, involving a diverse team, participants will reflect on challenges educators face in sharing beliefs and spirituality. Key goals are: (a) how to create a learning environment for safe and authentic sharing and (b) how to discuss these issues. The session offers the opportunity to explore beliefs of colleagues (presenters and participants), and its impact on their educational and clinical roles.

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