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Evaluation and Assessment Systems for CPD

MC1 - An Evaluation and Assessment System for CPD

Date: Monday 7 September
Time: 0915-1015
Stream: 3
Theme: CPD


  • Monica Ghidinelli, AO Foundation Education Institute, Switzerland
  • Miriam Uhlmann, AO Foundation Education Institute, Switzerland
  • Jane Wiedler, AO Foundation Education Institute, Switzerland
  • Urs Ruetschi, AO Foundation Education Institute, Switzerland

Defining success and measuring the impact of your educational offerings is a challenge for any organization. A step-by-step approach to develop an evaluation and assessment system will be presented. A process for many of the key steps will be shown through illustrative examples. The key questions to guide the development of a system are: how do you define success and what data do you need?, how will you use the information?, what stakeholders are involved and what reports should each group receive?, how can you offer excellent reports, and how can the process be communicated and made efficient?

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