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How motivated are my students?

MC25 - How motivated are my students? How could I increase my students´ motivation and engagement?

Date: Tuesday 8 September
Time: 1415-1515
Stream: 4
Theme: Student


  • Asta B. Schram, University of Iceland, School of Health Sciences, Iceland

  • Brett D. Jones, Virginia Tech, Educational Psychology, USA

  • Abigail G. Snook, University of Iceland, School of Health Sciences, Iceland


The purpose of this Masterclass session is to (a) present practical teaching strategies that instructors can use to motivate students and (b) explain how to use an inventory aligned with these strategies to assess students‘ motivation to engage in learning. These research-based strategies and inventory have been used successfully in other fields and evidence suggests that they can also be implemented in medical education. This session will be of interest to anyone (instructors, faculty developers, directors, administrators, and researchers) who wants to learn how to use motivation strategies or to assess student motivation in an activity or class.

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