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Innovation in Surgical Education Technologies

MC26 - Innovation in Surgical Education Technologies:  COVID-19 and Beyond (Surgery Track session)

Date: Tuesday 8 September
Time: 1415-1515
Stream: 5
Theme: Surgery Education


  • Mark S. Cohen, University of Michigan Hospital and Health Systems, USA 

  • Daniel A Hashimoto, Harvard Medical School, USA

  • Bonnie Miller, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA

  • Helen Macrae, University of Toronto, Canada (Moderator)

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the rapid uptake of innovative technology for clinical care and surgical education.  For example, telemedicine has rapidly evolved into an essential component of clinical surgical care, with many institutions ramping up to 60-80% of their surgical clinic encounters as telemedicine visits. This dramatic digital evolution of surgical clinics has led to both opportunities and challenges in surgical education.  The integration of learners successfully into this digital environment, ensuring meaningful educational experiences has been a key challenge.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also a burgeoning field.  AI is loosely defined as the study of algorithms that give machines the ability to reason and perform complex tasks.  There has been a growing interest in applying AI technologies to surgical practice and education.  For example, there are current international efforts at applying this technology for both technical and nontechnical skills training.  Again, how will educators adopt innovations using AI to enhance the learner experience.

This masterclass discussion will focus on the use of innovative technology to maintain and enhance the surgical educational environment, both now to address current challenges, and in the future.  Participants will discuss both telemedicine and AI technologies, and share ideas and practices regarding how best to effectively use these technologies in surgical education.

Objectives:  At the completion of this Masterclass participants will

  1. Understand how to better integrate surgical learners into telemedicine encounters.

  2. Be able to discuss challenges to the learning environment introduced by telemedicine, and how to overcome them.

  3. Understand the meaning of AI, and how it can be used in surgical training.

  4. Be familiar with some of the potential uses of AI in skills training.

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