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Keeping your confidential data secure

MC38 - Keeping your confidential data secure

Wednesday 9 September
Time: 1715-1815
Stream: 4
Theme: Education Management


  • Ken Masters, Medical Education & Informatics Department, College of Medicine & Health Sciences, SQU, Sultanate of Oman

There has always been a need to keep confidential data secure.  With COVID-19, many medical educators are now working mostly or exclusively from home, using their personal computers or tablets for work-related activities, and possibly even sharing those computers, tablets, flash drives, or disks with others.  How safe is your data?  

Aim of the Session

This session is for you if you have concerns about keeping your data safe, even if others access your flash drives, external disks, tablet or laptop.  The types of data that you may wish to keep secure are research data, video- and audio-recorded interviews, online vivas, photographs, exam grades, confidential reports, examination papers, and also private information such as bank statements, etc.

The session will begin with understanding the various security options and limitations in the Microsoft Office Suite, the concept of good and bad passwords, and then also look at more sophisticated methods of data protection, especially if you have a wider range and other types of files that you wish to keep secure. 

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