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Lessons Learned from Healthcare Simulation

MC30 - Teachable Moments or Missed Opportunities? Applying Lessons Learned from Healthcare Simulation to Real-World Clinical Debriefing

Date: Tuesday 8 September
Time: 1800-1900
Stream: 4
Theme: Teaching and Learning


  • Ross Scalese, University of Miami Gordon Center, USA

Experiential learning theory underpins the way we learn. Feedback, especially with guided reflection, is an essential element in experiential learning and also plays a crucial role in the acquisition and maintenance of expert performance through deliberate practice. Debriefings are a form of feedback that occur after nearly every simulation training event, but surprisingly, are far less common in clinical teaching settings. Educators cite lack of time, appropriate (psychological and physical) space, and training for facilitators as barriers to debriefing in clinical contexts. This Masterclass aims to equip clinical educators with tools and strategies to create a culture that promotes routine debriefing practice to enhance learning and performance in the clinical environment.

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