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Residents and PG Trainees as Teachers

MC14 - Residents and Postgraduate trainees as teachers (Postgraduate Committee session)

Date: Monday 7 September
Time: 1800-1900
Stream: 4
Theme: Postgraduate | Junior Doctor as Teacher


  • Rille Pihlak, University of Manchester, UK
  • Simon Gregory, Health Education England, UK
  • Matt Stull, USA
  • Susannah Brockbank, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Kevin Garrity, UK

The word ‘doctor’ means physician, and is derived from the Latin ‘docere’, to teach. Since the second half of the Twentieth Century it has been recognised that teaching is a skill.  Junior doctors have been involved in teaching medical students, junior colleagues and their peers since the inception of modern medical education; however, teaching is increasingly recognised as a competency to be achieved alongside busy clinical training. Unlike clinical training, there are limited opportunities for formal training to support junior doctors to attain this goal. This may lead to junior doctors replicating traditional didactic teaching methods and feeling lost for where to turn for more innovative, learner-centred strategies. In addition, increasingly pressured clinical environments make finding time to teach challenging, which can make teaching a stressful rather than rewarding experience.

This masterclass will explore why doctors in postgraduate training should be involved and how to involve them, giving examples of how that involvement might manifest.

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