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MC2 - Student Engagement – A masterclass

Monday 7 September
Time: 0915-1015
Stream: 4
Theme: Education Management


  • Flávia Freitas, University of Minho, Portugal
  • Kathleen Leedham-Green, Imperial College London, UK
  • Susan Smith, Imperial College London, UK
  • Manuel João Costa, University of Minho, Portugal

We will be discussing “what works in student engagement” based on an international research project of the ASPIRE Academy lead by the University of Minho, that characterizes the drivers, activities and outcomes for ASPIRE award-winning medical schools across 3 continents. We will highlight the key similarities amongst institutions that are beyond the ASPIRE criteria.

Vignettes highlighting key learning points will be interspersed with interactive discussions. Participants will reflect on the current level of engagement in their own institution and consider ways in which these findings could be translated into their own contexts.


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