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Supporting Junior Doctors’

MC3 - Supporting Junior Doctors’ Help-seeking in the Hospital Training Environment

Date: Monday 7 September
Time: 0915-1015
Stream: 5
Theme: Postgraduate


  • Nicole Jones de Rooy, ANU Medical School, Australia
  • Imogen Mitchell, ANU Medical School, Australia
  • Zsuzsoka Kecskes, ANU Medical School, Australia
  • Gary Rogers, Griffith University, Australia

Junior doctors’ help-seeking is an important day-to-day occurrence in the hospital training environment and a skill that we want to cultivate in our junior doctors so they can both safely care for patients and progress their journey into independent practitioners.

But when a junior doctor seeks help, what is vital to providing the support they need?

Our research reveals that effective support for help-seeking involves far more planned support than simply telling junior doctors to ‘call if they need help’.  In fact, it includes several interdependent constituents that begin well before the call to the supervisor is received.

Using a mix of short presentations and virtual discussion, the facilitators will explore what is essential to support junior doctors’ help-seeking in the hospital training environment.

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