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MC5 - Living dangerously: Discovering possibilities and pitfalls of using technology to determine assessment and progression decisions

Monday 7 September
Time: 1145-1245
Stream: 4
Theme: Assessment


  • Richard Fuller, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Viktoria Joynes, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Vishna Nadarajah, IMU, Malaysia

The possibility of educational institutions, learners and faculty, all connected by mobile devices, presents exciting opportunities for educational innovation. New uses of technology mean previously unimaginable possibilities are now on the horizon for increased personalisation of learning experiences, assessment and even entire curricula.

This highly interactive workshop explores the benefits of using technology-captured data to understand learners’ academic progression, alongside the ethical and academic dilemmas and consequences of misapplication of analytics.

With a strong focus on international and cultural perspectives, workshop participants will gain confidence in identifying learners needing extra support (e.g. around key transition points) across complex health care educational programmes

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