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Use of educational videos in healthcare

MC6/9 - Production and Implementation of educational videos in healthcare: take part in the future of education


  • Lukas J. Kandler, University Hospital Zurich
  • Robin Lundén, Skåne University Hospital, Lund, Sweden
  • Daniel Salcedo, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

MC6 - Session 1: theory and basics
Monday 7 September
Time: 1145-1245
Stream: 5
Theme: Teaching and Learning

Introduction of the workshop team and a few words how and why we started to produce educational videos. But is there any evidence behind it? Or is it just cool to wacht some films? Learn how clear and strong scientific results promote the use of educational videos to bring your great content to your team.
Learn about the legal aspects and with whom you may have to partner at your institution before you can start.
What is the difference between conventional (2D) Films and 360° videos? Pros and cons about this techniques.

Learn the cornerstones of high class educational films:
- high level medical knowledge -> the perfect script
- basic knowledge about filmmaking (or better even some more skills) -> know how to make it
- sufficient technical equipment -> use the right stuff
Learn about the power of a quality script and why already the process of scriptwriting is so important for your final product. Not to forget, you will need some kind of platform to show the finished videos- what are your needs? Are there potential risks?

We will end this session with an introduction in a very condensed way to the basics of codecs, camera types, framing, audio, light settings and more.

MC9 - Session 2: Let`s get startet with your film-production
Date: Monday 7 September
Time: 1300-1400
Stream: 5
Theme: Teaching and Learning

We will start with some informations about the process of editing your footage in the post production and how you can make this part much more efficient if you always plan ahead.
We will have a comprehensive look into needed basic equipment to start with. What do you really need and what is only nice to have? You will be surprised what really is important.
We will demonstrate you life, how to use lights, camera and microphones for your production and we will perform life some easy and simple basic editing of the footage.

Learn from our experience and which pitfalls can be avoided. Time to get ready for a successful implementation of your great content.

After these two sessions you will be able to optimize your film production and bring it to another level if you already have some experience or if you are novice you will be able to perform your first easy production without any troubles.

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