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Pre-conference Workshops

A selection of workshops on a range of practical topics are offered on 5 and 6 September 2020

Locations: Workshops will be located in the SEC or the adjoining Crowne Plaza.  PCW 7, 8 and 15 will take place offsite and transport will be provided


  • Half-day workshops: £75 (includes coffee); PCW 7 and 15 Half-day Workshop: £90 (includes coffee and transport)

  • Full-day workshop PCW 21: £175 (includes coffee and lunch); PCW 8: £190 (includes coffee, lunch and transport)

Click on each Session code below for more information on each Pre-conference Workshop.



PCW 1    Living dangerously: Discovering possibilities and pitfalls of using technology to determine assessment and progression decisions
PCW 2    Competency-based Clinical Supervision
PCW 3    Selecting and Executing Knowledge Syntheses in Medical Education
PCW 4    Medical students and mental health: Skills and supports for full inclusion
PCW 5    The face of your lecture - How to give your PowerPoint Presentations a facelift by integrating the core principles of design
PCW 6    ASPIRE ACADEMY: How can you enhance student engagement at your school? Key points revealed by research
PCW 7    Creating simulated learning environments: On site, in situ and facility-based activities
PCW 8    Visit to the Centre for Medical Education, Dundee Institute of Healthcare Simulation and to the Department of General Practice/Family Medicine, Dundee
PCW 9    How to Build a Lecture-Free Curriculum
PCW 10    Communities of practice in clinical education: unlocking the potential of interactive, participatory learning
PCW 11    Blending structured and individualised approaches to management of unprofessional behaviour
PCW 12    Creating a Faculty Development Program –  Building on Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges
PCW 13    Residents and postgraduate trainees as teachers
PCW 14    Creating and Implementing an Evaluation and Assessment System for CPD in Your Organization
PCW 15    Leading Edge Anatomy Education in Glasgow


PCW 16    Production and implementation of educational videos in healthcare: take part in the future of education
PCW 17    Carbon-neutral healthcare? Teaching environmental sustainability in quality improvement
PCW 18    Designing and implementing online assessment in the clinical workplace
PCW 19    Explicit teaching of clinical reasoning in clinical contexts
PCW 20    MEET (Medical Education Empowered by Theater): applying the theatre techniques to teach communication skills and nurture professional identity formation
PCW 21    Interprofessional Education Across the Health Professions (ViEW)
PCW 22    Applying a Framework for Systems of Assessment
PCW 23    Resident Self-Assessment: A how-to guide for fostering a developmental mindset in CBME
PCW 24    Breaking the taboo: discussing spirituality and beliefs with your patients and your students
PCW 25    Research to close the theory-practice divide – Educational Design Research
PCW 26    Teachable Moments or Missed Opportunities? Applying Lessons Learned from Healthcare Simulation to Real-World Clinical Debriefing
PCW 27    OSCEs and Psychological Safety: A Crucial Factor for Standardized Patients, Faculty and Learners
PCW 28    Helping doctors stay current through longitudinal assessment: The ABMS approach
PCW 29    Entrustment-Based Discussions:  A tool for front-line educators to support entrustment decisions for EPAs
PCW 30    Patient Safety - Intermediate: Event analysis and Learning Assessment
PCW 31    New Insights in the Development of Situational Judgement Test Approaches for Selection, Development & Assessment
PCW 32    Trauma sensitive professionalism remediation:  A New Framework
PCW 33    Finding “air & light & time & space”: Enhancing your writing process for better productivity and satisfaction

How to Register


Wherever possible pre-conference workshops should be reserved and paid at the time of registration. Places are strictly limited and allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Payment for pre-conference workshops is required prior to attendance.

With the exception of PCW 21 It is not possible to register for pre-conference workshops only.


  • Half-day workshops: £75 (includes coffee); PCW 7 Half-day Workshop: £90 (includes coffee and transport)

  • Full-day workshop PCW 21: £175 (includes coffee and lunch); PCW 8: £190 (includes coffee, lunch and transport)

Please note: Lunch will not be provided for those attending a half-day workshop - a morning or an afternoon workshop, however there is the option to include lunch for an additional fee of £15.

Cancellations:  Requests to cancel should be emailed to Worldspan ([email protected]).  AMEE will make every effort to resell your place on a pre-conference workshop but cannot guarantee a refund will be possible.  No refunds will be given for non-attendance at pre-conference workshops.

Places to eat

Lunch is not provided for those attending half-day or 2 half-day pre-conference workshops and this has been reflected in the cost.

Clydebuilt restuarant is located next to the entrance of the SEC and will be open during the hours of registration.

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