Creating a Faculty Development Program – Building on Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges

Date:  Saturday 5 September 2020
Time:  1330-1630
Location:  Jura, Crowne Plaza

  • Yvonne Steinert, Institute of Health Sciences Education, McGill University, Canada
  • Ivan Silver, University of Toronto, Canada

Summary of theme and why it is important:  Building a faculty development (FD) program can be a challenging yet exhilarating experience for health professions educators and administrators. A systematic approach that is based on relevant theoretical assumptions, trends in health professions education, clear goals and objectives, an explicit design strategy, and programmatic evaluation, will help to overcome the many challenges inherent to initiating and implementing such a program. The purpose of this interactive workshop is to provide participants with a stimulating environment to review the available evidence, discuss a suggested design framework, and exchange experiences in creating a FD program, either in a single department, university or hospital setting, specialty society or college, or national or international context. During the workshop, participants will also have a chance to identify their own challenges and opportunities, and begin to develop or refine a FD program relevant to their own settings.
What participants will gain:  Guided by several theoretical approaches and related models and guidelines, workshop facilitators will discuss the steps required to create a FD program. The authors will draw from their previous experiences, the relevant literature, and the ASPIRE criteria to discuss the design and development of FD programs in different contexts and cultures. They will also review different approaches to FD, moving from workshops to communities of practice. In addition, participants will receive a workbook to help guide the development or refinement of their own program and they will be encouraged to complete an action plan to direct next steps.
Who should participate:  This workshop will be of interest to health professions and basic science educators, faculty developers and educational leaders interested in enhancing or renewing their colleagues’ abilities in teaching and education, leadership and management, or research and scholarship.
Level of workshop:

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