Residents and postgraduate trainees as teachers

Date:  Saturday 5 September 2020
Time:  1330-1630
Location:  Barra, Crowne Plaza

  • Simon Gregory, Health Education England and AMEE Postgraduate Committee, UK
  • Rille Pilak, The Christie and AMEE postgraduate Committee, UK

Summary of theme and why it is important:  Submitted on behalf of the AMEE Postgraduate Committee - The word ‘doctor’ means physician, and is derived from the Latin ‘docere’, to teach. Since the second half of the Twentieth Century it has been recognised that teaching is a skill. The has been increasing scholarship around medical education and the development of faculty. In the twenty first century there is rightly increasing interest in doctors in training (residents) as teachers. There are now many examples of locally developed programmes of ‘Resident Faculty Development’ such as “Training Trainees to Teach – 4Ts’. This symposium is proposed as an opportunity to showcase these programmes from across the continents as identified by the members of the AMEE Postgraduate Committee and from these develop principles of good practice in Resident Faculty Development.
What participants will gain:  Participants will gain insights into how programmes have been developed to share best practice. When from institutions that do not currently have Resident Faculty Development programmes they will learn from colleagues to enable them to introduce these. Where they already have such programmes they will gain further development ideas. Reflect on diverse ways to face the challenges in PG training Reflect on the future of PG training all around the world Meet and get to know the AMEE PGME community
Who should participate:  All are welcome! We would greatly value trainees/ residents that have developed, lead or have participated in such programmes participating supported by wider faculty members. This is relevant to all involved in healthcare education.
Level of workshop:  Introductory

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