Leading Edge Anatomy Education in Glasgow

Date:                    Saturday 5th September 2020

Half Day:              1330-1630

Location:              OFFSITE:  Glasgow Anatomy Centre

We warmly welcome you to our Anatomy Facility, one of the busiest human anatomy laboratories in the UK. This event will truly showcase the multitude of methodologies that we use in educating our students, practitioners and researchers when studying the human body.  You will be able to see how both traditional and innovative techniques can be combined in educating our future generations of healthcare practitioners and scientific community. You will see how we utilise prosections and body donation, histological techniques, clinical imagery, skeletal specimens and our internationally significant Hunterian and Cleland collections in education, training and research. In addition, you will see how modern imaging techniques like ultrasound and leading cutting edge technologies can be applied to understanding the human body and enhance engagement. You will also be able to see first hand how our Clinical Anatomy Skills Centre, a joint partnership with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, leads the way in pioneering cadaver based surgical training  to the highest level and gold standard. By providing an innovative and challenging educational environment we are at the forefront of training for future physicians, surgeons and healthcare practitioners.

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