Designing and implementing online assessment in the clinical workplace

Date:  Sunday 6 September 2020
Time:  0930-1230
Location:  Boisdale 1, SEC Loch Suite

  • Silas Taylor, UNSW Medicine, Australia
  • Colin Lumsden, Manchester University, UK
  • Jennifer Hallam, University of Leeds, UK
  • Eeva Pyörälä, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Karen Scott, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Richard Cooke, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Summary of theme and why it is important:  The clinical workplace is a highly dynamic, complex learning environment. Developing clinical, procedural, communication and professional skills in an authentic clinical context is critical for modern healthcare providers. Mobile devices and applications provide a means for compiling the versatile documentation regarding students’ clinical and procedural performance, communication with patients and professional behaviour in authentic healthcare encounters. The digital data collected with mobile devices and applications are powerful tools for clinical teachers and supervisors to provide students with timely, constructive feedback for learning. This online documentation – and the conversations it promotes between students and teachers – can support students’ self-reflection on how to improve. It can also assist medical schools with quality assurance regarding clinical placements. The facilitators of the workshop come from three continents and are ready to share their experiences of online assessment in the clinical workplace.
What participants will gain:  At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to (1) Outline the challenges of, and solutions for, implementing technological means of assessing student performance in the clinical environment. (2) Apply existing applications designed for assessing student learning in the clinical environment. (3) Evaluate how digital data collected can be used for improving clinical placements. (4) Recognise requirements for implementing and maintaining technological solutions in their units.
Who should participate:  The workshop is targeted at all health-care professions, both at graduate and postgraduate level, specialist training and continuing professional development, academic and assessment leads, curriculum designers and IT experts.
Level of workshop:  Introductory/Intermediate

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