Competency-based Clinical Supervision

Date:  Saturday 5 September 2020
Time:  0930-1230
Location:  Staffa, Crowne Plaza

  • Tabassum Zehra, Aga Khan University, Pakistan
  • Rukhsana Zuberi, Aga Khan University, Pakistan

Summary of theme and why it is important:  Clinical Supervision has a vital role in postgraduate training programmes and is considered as fundamental part of clinical professional training. There is a need for defining ‘effective’ or ‘good’ supervision highlighted in the literature. The term originated in allied health with conflicting definitions.. Similarly implementation of clinical supervision across specialties remains patchy. Clinical supervision is now moving towards competency-based supervision. The workshop will focus on the development of a working definition of clinical supervision and defining the outcomes of clinical supervision using the ACGME, CanMEDS, Scottish Doctor, College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, Tomorrow’s Doctor Framework of Competencies and others available. The workshop will provide an opportunity to understand the issues related to clinical supervision and develop a framework of effective clinical supervision. It will allow revisiting the roles of a clinical supervisor for the novice supervisors providing the experienced supervisors with an additional knowledge and skills related to clinical supervision in practice.
What participants will gain:  participants will be able to identify essentials of the roles of a clinical supervisor and develop a framework of supervision outcomes
Who should participate:  1. Clinician Educators 2. Faculty in Health Professions Education 3. Residency Directors 4. Residency Coordinators 5. Nursing faculty 6. Psychologists 7. Residents
Level of workshop:  Intermediate

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