Resident Self-Assessment: A how-to guide for fostering a developmental mindset in CBME

Date:  Sunday 6 September 2020
Time:  0930-1230
Location:  Barra, Crowne Plaza

  • Rob Woods, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Lynsey Martin, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Justin Koh, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Rob Carey, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Summary of theme and why it is important:  The implementation of CBME and competence committees puts the spotlight on programs to ensure they are employing both a problem identification mindset, as well as a developmental mindset when they review resident portfolios. Given the resource intensity of this process, it can be difficult to identify areas of strength in residents who are progressing as expected or accelerated. A self-assessment tool can provide rich information on what residents feel they can be working on, which can inform the competence committee recommendations. Additionally, a self-assessment tool/process using the data from CBME, can provide an excellent opportunity for resident to engage in reflective practice.
What participants will gain:  Participants will review the evidence and driving educational theories which support resident self-assessment. They will be given access to our own self-assessment tool as a starting point/framework, and they will be guided through developing a self-assessment tool for their context. This will be a highly interactive and practical session. We just presented this workshop at ICRE in Ottawa and received excellent feedback.
Who should participate:  Faculty and residents involved or soon to be involved CBME who do not currently have a well developed self-assessment tool.
Level of workshop:  Intermediate

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