Patient Safety - Intermediate: Event analysis and Learning Assessment

Date:  Sunday 6 September 2020
Time:  1330-1630
Location:  Castle I, Crowne Plaza

  • Robin Newton, ACGME, USA
  • Trudie Roberts, Leeds Institute of Medical Education, UK
  • Doug Paull, ACGME, USA
  • Robin Wagner, ACGME, USA
  • Abdulelah Alhawsawi, Saudi Patient Safety Center, SA
  • Kevin Weiss, ACGME, USA

Summary of theme and why it is important:  Undergraduate and post graduate programs around the world are now including patient safety programming in their educational curriculum. In doing so, challenges arise in the areas of engaging and motivating learners, and assessment of learning. Engaging learners in patient safety event analysis and follow-up can result in highly motivated learners. Equipping medical educators with tools and approaches to optimize experiential learning of patient safety event analysis will benefit both patients and learners and inspire future physicians to engage in patient safety initiatives throughout their careers.
What participants will gain:  This workshop will equip medical educators with the knowledge, skills and tools to implement experiential educational programming focused on engaging learners in patient safety event analysis that emphasizes learning from near misses and events with minimal harm. In addition, the workshop will assist medical educators in identifying and building resources needed to implement and sustain a successful patient safety educational program. In an interactive format, the workshop will address the following: • Identifying and engaging stakeholders in patient event analysis educational programming • Teaching patient safety event analysis using near misses and minimal harm events • Assessing learner skills in patient safety event analysis • Role of establishing clinical learning environment partnerships in sustaining experiential learning in patient safety event analysis
Who should participate:  Medical educators—faculty and program directors --of post-graduate students, residents, and fellows engaged in patient safety who are looking to improve upon their existing medical education programming in patient safety.
Level of workshop:  Intermediate

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