The face of your lecture - How to give your PowerPoint Presentations a facelift by integrating the core principles of design

Date:  Saturday 5 September 2020
Time:  0930-1230
Location:  Barra, Crowne Plaza

  • Sarah Gluschitz, St. George's University, Grenada
  • Charles Wesley Price, St. Georges University, Grenada
  • David Nahabedian, St. Georges University, Grenada
  • Katie Yost, HMX at Havard Medical School, USA

Summary of theme and why it is important:  In this series of dynamic and interactive mini-workshops, you, the participant will learn to apply design thinking to PowerPoint as an interactive teaching tool rather than a simple “PowerPoint”. We start the day with ‘Level Up! - How to elevate your PowerPoint Lectures’, move on to ‘Trick-or-treat! - Tricking your audience into visual learning’ and finish with ‘You CAN Draw! - How to create quick, effective and easy illustrations in PowerPoint’. The best part: participants do not need any drawing skills for this class. Our international team of medical and scientific illustrators will share our secrets on how to create a more visually appealing lecture in PowerPoint. We will cover a wide range of fairly unknown PowerPoint functions to build a personal asset library of customised illustrations. “Design thinking” may sound intimidating, but together we will help you rebrand your lectures in your own visual identity and dynamic style!
What participants will gain:  Lecturing without cohesive visuals, such as personalised illustrations, animations or 3D models can disengage and prohibit students from relating to the material they study. An important focus of our work is on giving students a visual experience that is relatable and engaging, where they internalise knowledge and increase long term retention.
Who should participate:  Any lecturer/presenter/researcher who yearns to create customised graphics for their presentations, but may not have the basic skills to do so and would like some guidance on how best to approach creating their own cohesive, visual identity and dynamic style.
Level of workshop:  Intermediate

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