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Equity in Med Ed & Information Acquisition

ES13    Equity in Medical Education and Information Acquisition in the Age of COVID and Beyond

Date:  Wednesday 9th September  
Time:  1715-1815
Stream: 7    

Dr Art Papier, Visual DX, USA
Virginia Jones, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
Kayla Clark, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

Dr. Art Papier will discuss the disparities in knowledge and the need for equity in resources to teach skin of color. He will also examine the visualization of medical complexity and teaching variations of disease. This will be illustrated by the use of case-base teaching with evidence to improve virtual education. Dr. Art Papier will be joined by Virginia Jones and Kayla Clark, two medical students at the University of Illinois Chicago, who will present their latest findings on the proportion of skin of color in popular licensing preparatory resources used by medical students.

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