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Have InSimu Patients? Teach to save lives

ES4    Have InSimu Patients? Teach to save lives - How to deliver a more efficient and standardized clinical training with simulated virtual patients at a scale.

Date:  Monday 7th September    
Time:  1645-1745
Stream: 7    

Gabor Toth, InSimu

Clinical reasoning is one of the most complex skills that students have to learn and educators have to teach and assess. Such as, it requires a well designed objective assessment strategy to support students in their journey to become a professional.

InSimu Patient is an interactive medical educational app with simulated virtual patients, unlimited diagnostic pathways, and an objective scoring system. InSimu detects blind-spot and pitfalls in diagnostic thinking and efficiently teaches the correct, cost- and time-efficient, evidence-based diagnosis with a cutting-edge learning algorithm, like a private mentor. By offering an unlimited number of virtual scenarios in 140 diseases, InSimu is the most comprehensive tool for clinical training and standardized assessment.

Join the InSimu Presentation to get familiar with the best practices, learn more about what’s beyond OSCE and see some specific examples on how you can deliver a more efficient clinical training with the InSimu Platform in your online and offline clinical training as well.                                                  

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