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Situational Judgement Testing in MD Admissions

#ES9:  Casper - An overview of Situational Judgement Testing in MD Admissions

Date: Tuesday 8th September
Time: 1415-1515
Stream: 7

Andrew Kay, Altus Assessments, Canada

The mission of the Casper test is to create a world served by exceptional professionals. This is achieved by providing programs with systematic and defensible information about the non-academic attributes of their applicants, and was designed to be used alongside academic measures. While academic aptitude can be adequately assessed by graded course performance and standardized cognitive tests, assessments of personal attributes have been particularly challenging for admissions into medicine and other health science programs. Two types of assessments that have shown promise in this regard are structured interviews and situational judgement tests. As a result, universities seek to implement the Casper test, a non-academic measure of personal and professional characteristics to allow for a more holistic look at their applicant pool.  
This presentation is an overview of the Casper test and will consist of logistics details, validity evidence and how other MD programs are incorporating Casper into their selection process.

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