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Sustainability & Wellbeing

AMEE 2020 - A Sustainable Conference

AMEE are making a conscious effort to reduce the environmental and social impacts of its Annual Conference and we will work very closely with the host venue, caterers and professional conference organiser to meet these commitments.

We welcome ideas or suggestions of how we can improve it.

AMEE Grove est. Jan 2020


AMEE established the AMEE Grove in January 2020. 

The tree(s) will help to rewild the Caledonian Forest, a rich habitat found only in the Scottish Highlands. It will be a sapling grown from locally collected seed and will be one of a number of species such as Scots pine, willow, birch, rowan, hazel, alder, holly, aspen and bird cherry.

The grove will be planted at one of the remote sites in the Scottish Highlands. Trees for Life plants in remote areas best suited to the return of the Caledonian Forest such as on their conservation estate, Dundreggan, situated near Loch Ness, and Glen Affric National Nature Reserve.

Our sapling will be planted alongside other young, native trees, transforming open hillsides into healthy young woodland, rich in wildlife such as red squirrel, black grouse, capercaillie, wood ants and twinflower. Once the trees reach maturity, natural regeneration will go on to create the wild forests of the future for generations to enjoy.

Delegates attending AMEE 2020 will have the opportunity to donate a tree during the registration process.  The cost per tree is £6

View the AMEE Grove

AMEE's Commitment to Sustainability

Through AMEE’s continued commitment to sustainability we will make conscious efforts to reduce the environmental and social impacts of our Annual Conference through the following:

  • Together with the host venue - we will aim to run the AMEE Annual Conference as sustainably as possible and according to the WHO Europe Guidelines.
  • AMEE will promote health and wellbeing through Healthy Business, Healthy Venue and Healthy Menus in conjunction with the host venue and caterers.
  • AMEE will promote sustainability initiatives wherever possible, working with the catering team to achieve a sustainable, environmental and ethical practice.
  • AMEE 2020 catering partners currently reduce food waste by - developing new home bake recipes using up the old coffee grind instead of flour, this also makes it gluten free; All fruit peelings are now made into chutneys; All left over fruit is made into super nutrient smoothies; excess bread is made into homemade breadcrumbs; implementation of a smarter planning system at our culinary meetings where food is shared across the campus to prevent food going off; Sustainability in menu planning to ensure products have low mileage and guaranteed freshness; All left over sealed products that are still in date are picked up by a local charity day after each event; work closely with local charity 'Launch Foods' who take left over food from events and distribute it to school children across Glasgow for a warm meal after school.
  • The chosen venue for AMEE 2020, the SEC supports ‘Trees for Life’, the conservation charity dedicated to linking up several fragments of the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands to create a corridor of native woodland. For every major conference staged, the SEC will fund the planting of an acre of native trees.
  • The conference venue will be 100% smoke-free.
  • AMEE will use a conference app to minimise conference literature.
  • Where practical, we will reduce the use of paper and printing connected to the Conference by not including marketing materials in conference bags and offering workshop facilitators the opportunity to have handouts made available through the conference app.
  • Any marketing materials which need to be printed, such as the Conference Programme, will be printed on 100% recycled paper, make use of the most sustainable printing techniques and be printed back-to-back wherever possible meeting FSC approval.
  • All Conference correspondence to delegates, exhibitors and speakers will, where practicable, be sent via email.
  • Delegate bags, lanyards and badges are reusable and biodegradable.
  • Pens and paper will not be provided to delegates.
  • Recycling points will be available around the venue and we ask delegates to ensure that they return their badges and any unwanted materials so we can reuse and recycle these items.
  • AMEE Exhibitors will be encouraged to use recycled paper for their marketing purposes and we will ask them to consider the environmental impact of any promotional giveaway items.
  • The host venue was chosen as it is easily accessible by foot, bicycle or public transport.  A local transport pass will be included in the registration fee.
  • Delegates will have the opportunity to purchase a reusable water bottle and mug at a discounted rate and to preselect if they wish to receive a reusable conference bag, lanyard and printed programme.
  • AMEE promotes the use of seasonal food and local food suppliers.
  • AMEE aims to increase the well-being of our delegates by providing a variety of healthy foods and beverages.
  • AMEE offers extended lunch breaks are offered to allow delegates the opportunity to eat and then take some time to relax and/or be active by taking a walk.
  • AMEE will offer the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint at the time of registration and will invest in the planting of trees to offset conference emissions.
  • AMEE will offer the opportunity to participate in the annual conference virtually by streaming one or more sessions and offering the opportunity to present at a distance.
  • AMEE have established a sustainability working group who are tasked to lead the sustainability in health professions education track featured at AMEE 2020.  Want to be part of this track, submit an abstract by 6 February

We welcome ideas or suggestions of how we can improve our Conference sustainability ethos, so please do contact us if you have any contributions. Email us at [email protected]

Health and Wellbeing

The Scottish Event Campus is the first venue in the world to be accredited under the Healthy Venue Award’s programme achieving silver status. Their aim is to encourage delegates to be more active at the conference and eat healthier food. AMEE will be working with SEC to create a healthier conference.

  • Healthy menus will be offered to allow delegates to make informed choices
  • AMEE support active travel to and from SEC.  Delegates can pick up a free 'NEXTbike' at the SEC for unlimited use during the conference
  • The SEC is perfectly located so delegates can take a walk or run before or after sessions.  Route maps can be downloaded
  • AMEE encourage delegates to count their daily steps during the conference and highlight on our social media channels
  • Look out for yoga sessions

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