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AMEE 2021 ESCPD Course

The ESME courses, offered and accredited by AMEE, are aimed at practising teachers in medicine and the healthcare professions, both basic scientists and clinicians. They are aimed at those new to teaching and at teachers with some experience who would like a greater understanding of the basic principles and an update on current best practice. The courses recognise that, with appropriate help, all, even those with considerable experience, can improve their skills in teaching.

ESCPD is an internationally informed ESME course that provides AMEE participants with a global appreciation of current Best Practices in CPD, the evidence and theory informing effective CPD, and practical approaches to current issues within the field.  


  • A review of best practices and “hot topics” in CPD
  • Designing, conducting, and evaluating CPD interventions
  • Evidence informing best practices in CPD
  • Requirements of accreditation
  • Technology and the impact of virtual learning
  • Engaging patients 

Target audience: This program will be of interest to those who are currently involved in the planning, organization and/or implementation of medical (health) education at the continuing professional development level. The program spans topics of value to those new to the field as well as those at an intermediary point in their CPD careers.

Methods: The virtual program is designed to provide a balance between online interactive instruction and self-directed activities Participants will represent an international spectrum and thus play a significant role in developing a larger view of the issues and opportunities facing CPD professionals in the health care field. The first part of the program will work quickly through the basics of adult learning and the evidence informing best practices and accreditation in CPD. This will be followed by a deeper exploration of prevalent issues as listed above.

Participants will be encouraged to apply what they learn to their current practices. Those wishing to receive a certificate of attendance will be assisted in developing a project of relevance.
Post-course report: Participants may choose to submit, within six months of completion of the course, a short report describing the application of the ESCPD competencies in their own CPD practice, leading to award of the AMEE-ESCPD Certificate in Medical Education.

Facilitators: Jane Tipping MADEd MCC (University of Toronto, Canada), Suzan Schneeweiss MD (University of Toronto, Canada), Helena Filipe (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Amy Wolfe (Crossroads Education Institute, Johanesburg, South Africa) 

Interactive Zoom webinars. Sessions will be recorded.
Tuesday 24 Aug: 1200-1330 UK BST – followed by self-directed reading module
Wednesday 25 Aug: 1200-1500 UK BST
Wednesday 1 Sept: 1200-1500 UK BST – followed by self-directed reading module
Tuesday 5 Oct: 1200-1330 UK BST – follow up, and next steps in writing your report

Cost: £400

Cancellations:  Requests to cancel should be emailed to Worldspan ([email protected]).  AMEE will make every effort to resell your place on a course but cannot guarantee a refund will be possible.  No refunds will be given for non-attendance at courses.

How to register:  Wherever possible courses should be reserved and paid at the time of registration. Places are strictly limited and allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

It is not possible to register for the AMEE-ESCPD course only.  Course participants must register for AMEE 2021 and pay the appropriate conference registration fee.


If you have any questions regarding the AMEE-ESCPD Course, please contact the ESME Course Administrator ([email protected]).  Registration enquiries should be directed to Worldspan ([email protected])

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