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Pre-conference Workshops

A selection of workshops on a range of practical topics are offered on 27th and 28th August

Cost: Half-day workshops: £40
(Note: £40 fee applies also for the workshops running 2 x 90 minute sessions)

Click on each Session code below for more information on each Pre-conference Workshop.


Friday 27th August

PCW 1    Deconstructing the journey of successful mentoring relationships: A workshop for mentors to develop effective mentoring relationships targeting mentees’ professional growth
PCW 2    Feet on the ground but head in the clouds: Working together even when we are apart
PCW 3    Inward- and outward-looking: Autoethnography in medical education
PCW 4    Key design features for mobile apps to capture, aggregate and report EPA-based assessments
PCW 5    Student engagement: What might work in your context?
PCW 6    Understanding human rationalisation and cognitive bias: A paradigm shift from the conscious competency matrix to contextualised reflective competence (CRC)
PCW 7    Decolonising medical education
PCW 8    Harnessing the science of learning in the setting of a pandemic
PCW 9    Using coaching as a tool to promote and strengthen self-regulated learning skills in health professions learners
PCW 10  Finding “air & light & time & space”: Enhancing your writing process for better productivity and satisfaction
PCW 11  Bring everyone to the table: Challenges & strategies to address systemic racism in medical education
PCW 12  Mental health and medical education: How to support students
PCW 13  Practicing critical feedback through simulation
PCW 14  Virtually presentable! Facilitating learning and engaging learners digitally
PCW 15  Patient Safety – Event analysis and learning assessment

Saturday 28th August

PCW 16   Online open-book exam – a novel assessment method in COVID-19 times and beyond
PCW 17   Blending structured and individualised approaches to management of unprofessional behaviour
PCW 18   Education for sustainable healthcare: From rhetoric to action
PCW 19   Program evaluation: Moving from tick-box systems to educational quality as transformation
PCW 20   Building consensus and evaluating EPAs for a profession
PCW 21   Production and implementation of educational videos in healthcare
PCW 22   Exploring global CPD in the context of a pandemic: Lessons learned and opportunities for the future
PCW 23   Transforming a curriculum through creation of a virtual “Community of Inquiry” to optimise learning
PCW 24   Balancing teaching and training: Tips and tricks for developing as a junior educator
PCW 25   Applying a framework for systems of assessment
PCW 26   Psychological safety in virtual learning spaces

How to Register


Wherever possible pre-conference workshops should be reserved and paid at the time of registration. Places are strictly limited and allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Payment for pre-conference workshops is required prior to attendance.  It is not possible to register for pre-conference workshops only.


  • Half-day workshops: £40

Cancellations:  Requests to cancel should be emailed to Worldspan ([email protected]).  AMEE will make every effort to resell your place on a pre-conference workshop but cannot guarantee a refund will be possible.  No refunds will be given for non-attendance at pre-conference workshops.

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