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Bring everyone to the table: Challenges & strategies to address systemic racism in medical education

Date:  Friday 27 August 
Time:  1330-1630

  • Audrea Burns
  • Saleem Razack
  • Arno Kumagai
  • Jamiu Busari
  • Andria Tatem
  • Susan Gillespie


Summary of Theme and Why it is Important: Emerging studies highlight the failure to diversify the physician workforce when initiatives ignore the promotion of equity and inclusion. The recent international outcry against racial injustice revealed various forms of inequity in our societies and renewed the call for a physician workforce that reflects the diversity of the community it serves.  Health Professions Educators (HPE) are challenged with creating new social justice curricula and programs that focus on the promotion of equity and inclusion.  These efforts must include necessary, but difficult conversations around racism, bias, discrimination, and health disparities that serve as foundational topics to engage learners in meaningful community participation and social accountability. 

The workshop presenters, all advocates for DEI in distinct international training environments, will discuss lived challenges and solutions for developing social justice curricula and programs in medical education.  This workshop will provide HPE with tools for facilitating difficult conversations and healthy discourse through group discussions of real case studies and role-play.  Facilitators will share strategies to foster critical consciousness* in learners to promote a professional identity in learners rooted in social justice.  Additionally, they will share strategies to promote inclusivity and support culture change through allyship from non-UIM HPE colleagues.  Diverse exemplar models across accrediting frameworks will be discussed.  Small groups will explore concrete strategies to effectively implement curricula and programs.

Who should participate: This workshop will appeal to HPE that are curious or interested in creating curriculum and/or programs to promote and strengthen efforts to integrate DEI and social justice at their institution.

What will they gain from participating:

1. Knowledge and understanding of the distinctions between diversity, equity, and inclusion and insight into the challenges facing the implementation of DEI curricula and programs. 

2. Exploration of communication strategies to support healthy dialogue in DEI topics and curricular approaches to foster critical consciousness in learners through the exploration of exemplar programmatic models.  

3. Construct a tailored sample curriculum for supporting DEI and supporting allyship that can be applied to the participant’s learner and institutional environment to address systemic racism. 

*Kumagai, A and Razack, S et al. Academic Medicine, 2017.

Level of workshop:  All

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