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Practicing critical feedback through simulation

Date:  Friday 27 August 
Time:  1330-1630


  • Catherine Tong
  • Sharon Bal
  • Krista Dowhos
  • Aaron Geekie-Sousa
  • Isla McPherson
  • Quang Ngo


Summary of Theme and Why it is important: Giving learner feedback is one of the most important tasks of the clinician teacher. Very few teachers have the opportunity to be directly observed giving feedback in a simulated, safe environment, and to receive real-time constructive advice on their techniques. The Advocacy-Inquiry(A-I) model of debriefing has been well described in the simulation literature and has been proposed as a framework for structured feedback.  A-I has theoretical underpinnings in the theory of Reflective Practice, which suggests that the learner reflects on a gap or problem that may be identified during a new experience or unexpected difficulties encountered during a familiar experience. In this case-based, interactive workshop, participants practice the A-I feedback technique in a safe environment.

What participants will gain: Our group created several learner cases for the participants to practice giving feedback effectively, progressing from usual difficulty to more challenging scenarios over the duration of the workshop. The cases are presented using short videos to showcase learners in difficulty over a variety of clinical and professional contexts. Participants are asked to provide feedback on issues ranging from lapses of professionalism to a lack of situational awareness in resuscitation. The videos are produced with English subtitles. 

After a brief review of the elements of effective feedback, and a description of A-I as a feedback technique, participants will view the videos in sequence. After each video, in small groups, participants provide feedback to the learner using the A-I technique. The learner in this case would be role-played by a facilitator. Facilitators provide coaching and feedback to the participant and allow for opportunities of repeated attempts. There will be ample opportunities to practice so that all participants are comfortable with the A-I technique upon completion of the workshop.

Who should participate: New and experienced teachers.

Level of workshop:  All

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