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Virtually presentable! Facilitating learning and engaging learners digitally

Date:  Friday 27 August 
Time:  1330-1630


  • Lawrence Sherman
  • Kathy Chappell


Summary of Theme and Why it is important: The COVID19 Pandemic cause many educators and educational institutions to have to rapidly change from traditional face-to-face teaching to using digital technologies to facilitate learning.  Additionally, many conferences and other educational efforts had to move from face-to-face to digital variations and platforms.  Presenters, educators, and others had to rapidly up-skill, re-skill, and un-skill in order to optimize their use of digital platforms and technologies. 

Initially, many were innovative by modifying the way the had always presented and facilitated learning.  Over time, some were able to be more disruptive. by finding new and better ways to use digital platforms to deliver effective presentations, courses, and sessions.

Best practices have emerged in all aspects of digital educating and presenting, from creating platform-appropriate visuals, incorporating effective engagement techniques, and creating comfortable learning environments by using individual and combined platforms and other strategies.

What participants will gain: Participants in the PCW will be better able to:

Demonstrate best practices in developing and delivering effective digital presentations both synchronously and asynchronously

Incorporate engagement strategies to promote active learning and consistent learner engagement during synchronous and asynchronous online presentations

Who should participate: Educators, presenters, and others wanting to improve their digital presentation skills should consider participating in this PCW.

Level of workshop:  Intermediate/Advanced

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