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Feet on the ground but head in the clouds: Working together even when we are apart

Date:  Friday 27th August
Time: 0930 - 1230

  • David Taylor
  • Trevor Gibbs
  • Da-Ya Yang
  • Zalim Balkizov
  • Sai Ram
  • Roberta Preston


Summary of Theme and Why it is important: Familiar social and academic structures have been distorted by the experience of 2020, and that will almost certainly extend into the distant future.   Holding things together through the height of the pandemic made us rethink the things that mattered, and there have been many innovative solutions to holding a community together.

In this workshop, we will discuss three layers (local, national and international) of sustaining and supportive communities, which have some elements in common. Differences are interesting, but common factors include communication, trust, respect, accessibility, understanding, and a sense of purpose.  Together with a sense of humour, those are also the most frequently cited characteristics of a good mentor!

What will they gain from participating: After the workshop, participants will be able to reappraise and develop their personal support networks, but, importantly, will be able to extend their social, educational and support networks to include other people who believe in health professions education without frontiers.

Who should participate: This workshop is for anyone who has been wondering how best to develop their professional networks and personal skills in any area of academic endeavour - from self-development, through research, to student support.

Level of workshop: Introductory/Intermediate

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