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Exploring global CPD in the context of a pandemic: Lessons learned and opportunities for the future

Date:  Saturday 28 August 
Time:  1330-1630


  • Samar Aboulsoud
  • Alvaro Margolis
  • Kathy Chappell
  • Dave Davis
  • Helena Filipe


Summary of Theme and Why it is important: As the world responded to the COVID pandemic, the need for health care professional educators with experience in continuing professional development (CPD) became increasingly critical.  There was an immediate need to provide just-in-time education for direct care clinicians to respond to this novel virus. There was also a need to reskill clinicians who could assume new or different roles to support health care delivery and to continue to teach the next generation of health care professionals.  And finally, there were changes in faculty development skills that needed to evolve very quickly including new teaching techniques, online learning, and assessment.  

Organizations around the world adapted to their own unique circumstances, developed strategies to address their most pressing needs, and identified innovations that enabled them to be successful.  These lessons learned can be applied to the future – retaining the best practices and better understanding strategies that were not as successful.

This workshop will include case studies from around the world with an emphasis on the unique circumstances that impacted CPD educators, what strategies were employed to address the biggest challenges, what worked and what did not work, and how lessons learned could be applied to the future.  Participants will also be invited to share their experiences with their colleagues.

Case studies will represent:  Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and North America

What participants will gain: Participants will be able to apply a structured and flexible approach in the  management of CPD in different situations and settings. They will also be able to identify strategies for synergetic integration of CPD principles  across the globe in a technique that promotes collaborative engagements of CPD systems and facilitate CPD globalization.

Who should participate: CPD providers, educators and regulators.

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