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Balancing teaching and training: Tips and tricks for developing as a junior educator

Date:  Saturday 28 August 
Time:  1330-1630

  • Rille Pihlak
  • Kevin Gervin
  • Kevin Garrity
  • Matthew Stull
  • Margot Weggemans
  • Susannah Brockbank


Summary of Theme and Why it is important: This is a pre-conference workshop submitted by the AMEE Postgraduate Committee.

Junior doctors have been involved in teaching medical students, junior colleagues and their peers since the inception of modern medical education; however, teaching is increasingly recognised as a competency to be achieved alongside busy clinical training. Unlike clinical training, there are limited opportunities for formal training to support junior doctors to attain this goal. This may lead to junior doctors replicating traditional didactic teaching methods and feeling lost for where to turn for more innovative, learner-centred strategies. In addition, increasingly pressured clinical environments make finding time to teach challenging, which can make teaching a stressful rather than rewarding experience.

This interactive workshop will focus on methods of delivering focused, effective teaching for clinical learners ‘on the run’.  In addition, we will explore ways in which junior doctors can harness teaching opportunities to develop themselves as both clinicians and educators.  We will discuss the challenges of delivering teaching in the clinical environment and achievable ways to overcome these.  In particular, we will share experiences of balancing high-quality teaching with effective service provision in practice.

What participants will gain:

Participants will be offered tools to take home, apply to their context and share with their peers.  In particular, participants will:
Learn focused teaching techniques for demanding clinical environments.
Develop strategies to balance the demands of clinical training and delivering high-quality teaching.
Identify methods to use teaching opportunities to enhance their own development as clinicians and educators.

Who should participate: This workshop is aimed at junior doctors and trainees with an interest in improving their clinical teaching, as well as medical students who may be interested in these skills in the future.

Level: Introductory

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