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Applying a framework for systems of assessment

Date:  Saturday 28 August 
Time:  1330-1630


  • M Brownell Anderson
  • John Norcini
  • Miguel Paniagua
  • Valdes Bolella


Summary of Theme and Why it is important: Education and practice in the health professions requires knowledge, skills, and attitudes that cannot be captured in a single assessment. Separate measures are required, and these are frequently applied in isolation. In 2019 an updated version of the criteria for good assessment was published . The most notable change was the addition of a framework for systems of assessment. Systems of assessment integrate this series of individual measures to achieve one or more purposes (e.g. feedback versus decisions, high vs. no stakes) for one or more groups of stakeholders (e.g. students, faculty, patients, and regulatory bodies).  The development and implementation of such systems is challenging and there is little guidance available to help educators.

What participants will gain: 
Participants will gain an understanding of the elements of the framework for systems of assessment;

• experience applying the framework to systems of assessment in contexts such as educational settings, regulatory settings, and selection settings;
•be able to identify weaknesses, strengths, and system improvements; and
•identify areas where the framework could be improved.

After a brief review of the criteria from the 2018 Consensus Framework for Good Assessment participants will work in small groups with scenarios describing a variety of different assessment situations.  They will apply the framework to the scenarios and identify strengths, weaknesses, and improvements. The workshop will conclude with small group presentations and discussion.

Norcini, JJ, Anderson, MB, Bollela, V, et. al. 2018 Consensus Framework for Good Assessment Medical Teacher

Who should participate: Anyone responsible for assessment in their institutions could benefit from participating in this workshop 

Level: Introductory

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