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Student engagement: What might work in your context?

Date:  Friday 27 August 
Time:  0930-1230


  • Sue Smith
  • Kay Leedham-Green
  • Marjo Wijnen-Meijer
  • Manuel Costa
  • Harm Peters


Summary of Theme and Why it is Important: Student engagement can be conceptualised from many perspectives (1).  We will utilise the framework adopted by the ASPIRE award which encompasses student participation in academic governance, in curriculum design and delivery, in research activity and in the wider community.  Whilst there is now a broad consensus that student engagement at all levels enhances outcomes, there is less agreement about how this can best be achieved. This lack of consensus is unsurprising, given the number of concepts of student engagement, the variety of higher education institutions, the number of programmes they deliver and the range of local societal contexts in which students are learning. 

This workshop draws on the AMEE guide to learner involvement in curriculum co-creation (2) and key findings from ASPIRE Academy-supported research completed by the facilitators. We will explore the elements of student engagement, then invite participants to examine their organisational structures, the attitudes and expectations of their faculties and their students, and their socio-cultural contexts. Participants will consider the extent to which each of these factors currently supports or hinders student engagement in their own particular institutions. 

Using an online interactive workspace, participants will be invited to highlight barriers and facilitators to greater student engagement in their own context. Drawing on the literature, our own experiences and the shared experience in the room, participants will collectively brainstorm practical steps which can help overcome barriers to greater engagement. Finally, each participant will be invited to share one idea arising from the workshop which they can trial in their own institutions and to identify what success in enhancing student engagement might look like in that context. 

1. ER Kahu (2013) Framing student engagement in higher education, Studies in Higher Education, 38:5, 758-773, DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2011.598505
2. KD Könings et al (2020): Learner involvement in the co-creation of teaching and learning: AMEE
Guide No. 138, Medical Teacher, DOI: 10.1080/0142159X.2020.1838464

What participants will gain: Deeper understanding of the facets of student engagement and confidence in promoting it

Who should participate: Everyone interested in enhancing student engagement in their institutions

Level of workshop: Introductory

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