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Using coaching as a tool to promote and strengthen self-regulated learning skills in health professions learners

Date:  Friday 27 August 
Time:  1330-1630

  • Maryellen Gusic
  • Andrew Parsons
  • Nicole Deiorio
  • Kendra Parekh
  • Bill Cutrer


Summary of the theme and why it is important: Health sciences educators must prepare learners to continually adapt to meet the emerging needs of patients and healthcare. Specifically, competency-based interventions must help learners develop habits of mind associated with life-long learning.  Coaching is a specific strategy to equip learners to apply self-regulated learning skills to identify, manage and address learning needs throughout their careers.   

At the start of the session, participants will examine teacher-learner interactions in a set of case-based scenarios to compare and contrast the benefits of advising, mentoring and coaching. A recorded coaching conversation will  prime small group discussion about coaching “best practices.” After a brief didactic to outline the principles of self-regulated learning and informed self-assessment, participants will practice using coaching to guide “mock” learners in using data and self-assessment to evaluate their performance, identify learning goals and create action steps to support their emerging competence.  Peers in the small groups will provide feedback before a large group de-briefing during which participants will identify how coaching can promote the development of lifelong, master adaptive learners.  Participants will create a list of potential benefits and challenges related to integrating coaching/a coaching program at their home institutions; facilitators will use this list to share strategies for success from their own experience. Before the end of the session, each participant will create a commitment for action to incorporate coaching in their own work with learners, teach colleagues to use coaching, and/or work to develop a coaching program within their course/curricula/educational program.

What participants will gain: Participants will build and practice skills in using a coaching approach to work with learners.  Participants will also create a plan to apply what they learn at their home institution.

Who should participate: Educators/educational leaders with interest in incorporating coaching in their daily work with learners, helping colleagues to use coaching and/or integrating coaching in their competency-based courses, curricula, and educational programs are encouraged to attend.

Level of workshop:  Introductory

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