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A conversation among readers, editors and authors about the health sciences education literature

Symposium 14 -A conversation among readers, editors and authors about the health sciences education literature

Date: Monday 30th August
Time: 1230 - 1400 (UK time)
Stream: Room 1


  • Gail Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Graduate Medical Education, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, USA
  • Peter de Jong, Editor-in-Chief, Medical Science Educator, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands
  • Erik Driessen, Editor-in-Chief, Perspectives on Medical Education, Maastricht University, Netherlands
  • Colin West, Deputy Editor, Academic Medicine, Mayo Clinic, USA
  • Nikki Woods, Editor, Advances in Health Sciences Education, The Wilson Center, Canada
  • Richard Hays, Editor-in-Chief, MedEdPublish, James Cook University
  • Sue Kilminster, Deputy Editor, Medical Education and Lead, Health Professional Education Research, Faculty of Medicine, UK

Summary: Health sciences educators and researchers have a responsibility to the field to disseminate their scholarship beyond their own working group or institution. However, it can be difficult to determine which venue is appropriate for their work. The proliferation of health sciences education journals challenges educators in choosing among various journals for keeping up to date as well as for disseminating work to the most appropriate forum. Each journal has a specific scope and categories for submissions. Determining a strategy for success is sometimes a slow, painful journey for those engaged in education scholarship. This session will allow educators and researchers - consumers and producers of scholarship - to learn about the differences among dissemination outlets and gain insights into editors' decisions in prioritizing health sciences education submissions.  Editors from several medical education journals will explain their journal’s scope and current priorities, as well as which papers are best suited to their journal.  Editors will shine a bright light on their current processes and decisions in 2021.


This session will include comparisons of several journals. As the number of presenters is limited to four, presenters may discuss more than one journal.  Two additional journals are not listed in the author/presenter list and may be included: MedEdPortal; Grace Huang, MD, Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Medical School,  ghu[email protected] and Anna Cianciolo, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, Teaching and Learning in Medicine, Southern Illinois University, [email protected]  The listed co-authors and presenters have committed to contributing to this session.

Who should participate: Educators and researchers who wish to enhance their reading and work dissemination efforts; those just beginning scholarship and dissemination efforts as well as those with experience (ie, novice to advanced)

What will they gain from participating:
1.  Understand the different scope and priorities of several health sciences education journals
2.  Develop personal plans for future submissions of educational scholarship and/or for targeting personal reading to keep up to date in the health sciences education literature
3.  Identify editorial considerations, specific to each journal, which are critical for successful submissions

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