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Challenging intraprofessional workplace-based education norms

Symposium 7 - Challenging intraprofessional workplace-based education norms

Date: Sunday 29th August
Time: 1800 -1930 (UK time)
Stream: Room 1


  • RenĂ©e Stalmeijer, School of Health Professions Education, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
  • Lara Varpio, Center for Health Professions Education, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, USA
  • Saira Cristancho, Department of Surgery and Centre for Education and Research Innovation, Western University, Canada
  • Iris Jansen, Professional Performance and Compassionate Care research group, Amsterdam UMC (AMC), the Netherlands
  • Pim Teunissen, School of Health Professions Education, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Summary: Is the field of medical education unintentionally preventing medical trainees from becoming effective interprofessional healthcare professionals? Have we blinded ourselves to the potential of engaging the entire healthcare team in the education and evaluation of medical learners? 

Becoming a medical professional is situated within the clinical workplace—a context where intraprofessional practice traditions run counter to interprofessional collaboration expectations. This contradiction generates problematic tensions. The focus of explaining and enabling workplace learning and guidance has been predominantly intraprofessional: the expert who guides the trainee into the community is almost exclusively from the same profession. However, medical trainees are expected to address complex healthcare issues through interprofessional collaboration. If the future of patient care is interprofessional, how can medical education remain strictly intraprofessional? 

During this symposium we present an argument of how a narrow interpretation of workplace learning is inhibiting our progress towards improved interprofessional collaboration. 

Through both theoretical and empirical presentations this symposium addresses and discusses the following topics 1) Embracing the Landscape of Health Care Practice (Renee Stalmeijer) 2) Leadership or followership in healthcare teams (Pim Teunissen) 3) How collective adaptation can enable expansion of our perspective on interprofessional team work (Sayra Cristancho), and 4) What we can learn from interprofessional collaboration in military teams (Lara Varpio).

Who should participate: Participants interested in challenging the intraprofessional workplace-based education norms through their role(s) as researcher, educator, trainee and leader.

What will they gain from participating: Participants will gain insight into

- the concept of Landscape of Health Care Practice: a system of multiple Communities of Practice surrounding a practice requiring the professionals within it to develop ‘knowledgeability’ about the Landscape to be competent;

- theories of followership as they can be applied to interprofessional collaboration

- theories of collective adaptation and how they reframe our thinking about interprofessional collaboration 

- data on how military interprofessional teams harness followership and collective adaptation to bring the healthcare team into education and evaluation of medical learners

Participants are invited to discuss the potential of this perspective and will leave with ideas of how to challenge intraprofessional workplace education norms within their own (clinical) practice.

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