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COVID-19 impact and new trends in distance medical education

Symposium 19 - COVID-19 impact and new trends in distance medical education

Date:  Monday 30th August
Time:  1800 - 1930 (UK time)
Stream: Room 2


  • Suleyman Yildiz, Mardin Derik State Hospital, Turkey
  • Trudie Roberts, Leeds Institute of Medical Education, UK
  • Lawrence Sherman, Meducate Global, USA
  • Davinder Sandhu, Formerly RCSI Bahrain, USA
  • Olga Rostkowska, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Ihsan Selcuk Yurttas, Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey

Summary: The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on medical education. In this unique situation where distance education is a priority instead of face-to-face training, the adaptability of the trainers has been tested. While COVID-19 will be remembered as a source of disruption for many, it is very possible to see that crisis as a catalyst for the transformation of medical education that had been brewing for many years already. It is obvious that alternative learning measures and new standards need to be established in medical education, especially in distance education and use of available technology.

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on medical education can be managed with online teaching and assessment, however those technology-based educational sessions do not simply mean placing classes and lectures on to a virtual learning environment. We need innovative strategies to design and structure, so that we can reach similar outcomes with traditional face-to-face teaching. 

In this symposium, the problems encountered in distance education during the pandemic and their solutions will be discussed and new strategies will be proposed.

Who should participate: Teachers and trainers, researchers, deans and course leads, faculty developers, administrators and students

What will they gain from participating:
1) Problems and solutions in distance education
2) New trends in distance education
3) Key skills needed to make distance learning engaging and interactive for teachers and students
4) Concrete tips on how to make distance learning at least as effective as face-to-face education

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