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Interprofessional education: Towards consistency and consensus

Symposium 10 - Interprofessional education: Towards consistency and consensus

Date:  Sunday 29th August 
Time:  2000 - 2130 (UK time)
Stream: Room 2


  • Julie Browne, Cardiff University School of Medicine, UK
  • Alison Bullock, CUREMeDE, Cardiff University, UK
  • Sharon Buckley, University of Birmingham, UK
  • John Norcini, FAIMER, USA
  • John Jenkins, Queen’s University, Ireland
  • Derek Gallen, Association for the Study of Medical Education, UK

Summary: Accreditation bodies around the world mandate interprofessional education but stop short of actually setting visible national standards (Buckley 2020). In particular, there is little consensus or clarity around the skills, knowledge and attitudes that interprofessional educators need in order to practise effectively both as individuals and in teams.

Otherwise excellent healthcare professionals may fail to work effectively in teams, either clinically or educationally (Lingard 2016) due to both horizontal and vertical factors. Since interprofessional education (IPE) necessarily requires collaboration over educational design and delivery, it is critical that educators are equipped to work in effective interprofessional teams.  

National practice standards for interprofessional educators could help to raise awareness that IPE is an advanced field of practice requiring specific capabilities and knowledge (Buckley 2020). Used effectively they could improve quality in professional education by offering a more structured approach to recognizing and accrediting an individual’s acquisition of specialist skills in IPE, including teamwork, across the professions (Norcini 2019).

This symposium will 

(a) Report on a major ongoing project in the area of cross-collaboration on standards for healthcare educators;

(b) Debate whether standards for interprofessional educators are needed and if so, how these could be developed and implemented.

(c) Explore possible futures for developing a stronger consensus on the role of the interprofessional educator.

Who should participate: Healthcare educators, policy makers, academics and practitioners, especially those interested in:

· Professional recognition for educators
· Faculty development
· Interprofessional education
· Healthcare education regulatory practice

What will they gain from participating: This symposium will explore the following questions:

(1) What is currently happening to bring healthcare educators into closer alignment in terms of regulation, training and recognition? 

(2) What more can be done to break down barriers to interprofessional recognition of educator expertise?

(3) Could standards improve the consistency and quality of IPE in healthcare?

(4) Delegates will have the opportunity to contribute to the above debates, hear from those involved about current activity and future directions, and to influence the future of policy development in this area.

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