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Revalidation of knowledge and skills of surgeons in practice

Symposium 4 - Revalidation of knowledge and skills of surgeons in practice

Date:  Sunday 29th August
Time:  1200 -1330 (UK time)
Stream: Room 2


  • Ajit Sachdeva
  • Julian Smith and colleagues

Summary: Following completion of surgical training, surgeons enter professional practice that can span a period of several decades during which myriad changes impact their activities.  Adoption of new models of health care, development of new procedures and technologies, advancement of the science of surgical practice, and evolution in practice patterns of individual surgeons continue to exert profound influences on the professional activities of surgeons.  These require concrete steps to revalidate the knowledge and skills of surgeons in practice in an ongoing fashion and to offer surgeons opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills, refine existing skills, and continue to remain on the cutting-edge of surgical practice.  A personalized approach to training and retraining of surgeons is needed and this should include interventions to address specific needs to ensure delivery of high-quality surgical care.  This Symposium will define the key elements of revalidation of knowledge and skills of surgeons in practice and describe strategies to support continuous lifelong learning.  Speakers from across the globe will share experiences from various countries and highlight the advances that have been made in regard to revalidation of the knowledge and skills of surgeons in practice.  Practical, take-home messages will help attendees implement new approaches at their home institutions and should foster collaboration among surgical educators from different countries.

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