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The role of educational scholarship in faculty development: IAMSE sponsored symposium

Symposium 18 - The role of educational scholarship in faculty development: IAMSE sponsored symposium

Date:  Monday 30th August
Time:  1800 - 1930 (UK time)
Stream: Room 1


  • Peter de Jong, IAMSE & Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

  • Amber Heck, TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine, USA

  • Bonnie Dickinson, Mercer University School of Medicine, USA

  • Adi Haramati, Georgetown University School of Medicine, USA

  • Neil Osheroff, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, USA

Summary: Faculty development in health sciences education has several dimensions, ranging from basic teaching skills to leadership in organizational change. One of the dimensions addresses educational scholarship. In general scholarship is defined as the creative, systematic, and rational inquiry into a topic and the honest reporting of results and conclusions drawn from that inquiry. It always builds on existing knowledge in the field and employs critical analysis and judgment to enhance understanding. Scholarship results in a product that is shared with others and is subject to the criticism of peers qualified to judge the product. The most well know product is the journal article, but many other scholarly products exist. 

For the educator in health sciences education it is crucial to develop themselves in this field of educational scholarship to be able to explore the impact of their educational practice and to improve their teaching based on theory and evidence. This symposium will address some examples of scholarship program initiatives and an overview of opportunities to disseminate and publish scholarly outcome.

Who should participate: The symposium is open to all educators who have interest to develop more in the field of educational scholarship.

What will they gain from participating: After attending the session, the participants will have a clear view of what educational scholarship is and what opportunities exist to grow from an educator into an educational scholar.

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