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Transforming medical education through a student-driven shared global curriculum

Symposium 17 - Transforming medical education through a student-driven shared global curriculum

Date: Monday 30th August
Time: 1600 - 1730 (UK time)
Stream: Room 2


  • Catarina Pais Rodrigues, Medical Student Alliance for Global Education, Portugal
  • Philippa Lantwin, European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA), Germany
  • Abdullah Al-Khafajy, International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA), Iraq
  • Evangelos Papageorgiou, Medical Student Alliance for Global Education, Greece
  • Aliye Runyan, Medical Student Alliance for Global Education, USA
  • Tao Le, University of Louisville, USA

Summary: A symposium at AMEE 2019 asked “what’s in and what’s out in the 21st century medical curriculum. The students present proposed a shift on the overall approach towards a transformative learning experience that would prepare students to “think globally and act locally”. Solutions centred on optimizing digital educational resources for knowledge dissemination, and focusing curriculum objectives on larger scale approaches such as emergency preparedness, climate action and health systems resilience. A message that might have seen disruptive then, but couldn’t be more relevant in the current times. Therefore, our cohort aims to build on that discussion and explore the potential for medical education transformation through student-led curricular initiatives, such as the Medical Student Alliance for Global Education (MeSAGE) with its network of over 1 million students, that intends to address a broad scope of health systems issues and gaps in medical curriculum.

Who should participate: There are three levels of engagement and discussion we intend and for each there is a main target group. At a technical level, we would aim for faculty and students with responsibilities in curriculum design. At a conceptual level, we would aim for faculty and students with expertise in global health matters. And finally, at an interprofessional level,  we will explore solutions relevant for all health professions  that promote synergic relationships.

What will they gain from participating:

At this symposium, we propose  a shared vision for the future of medical education. Participants will gain insight and be invited to reflect on: 

- the evolving health needs of the communities and what encompasses a global health approach
- the feasibility and importance of a global shared curriculum approach
- how to engage and align multiple perspectives and stakeholders in developing the curriculum, namely how to meaningfully engage and empower students
- how to reshape the medical curriculum to respond to the current times

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