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Saturday 27th August

The following pre-conference workshops will take place live in Lyon and may only be purchased with an in-person Conference Registration.

  • PCW L1 - Teaching clinical reasoning toolkit: Understanding, developing and implementing a clinical reasoning curricula
  • PCW L2 - Partners in learning: Teachers’ and students’ new roles in distance learning after COVID-19 pandemic
  • PCW L3 – From idea to action: Implementing a redefined scholarship in health professions education (HPE)
  • PCW L4 - Techniques for Assessing the Struggling Learner in the Clinical Learning Environment
  • PCW L5 - Educational Design Research to close the theory-practice divide
  • PCW L6 - Expanding your teaching toolbox: Coaching learners to build the skills needed for lifelong learning
  • PCW L7 - Practical problems in assessment
  • PCW L8 - Practical insight into mastering major curriculum reform
  • PCW L9 - Collaborating with international medical education colleagues – Strategies for bridging cultural differences
  • PCW L10 - New Educator and Scholar Training (NEST): A Professional Development Workshop for Students

Sunday 28th August

The following pre-conference workshops will take place live in Lyon and may only be purchased with an in-person Conference Registration.

  • PCW L11 - Deconstructing successful mentoring relationships: A workshop for mentors to develop effective mentoring relationships targeting mentees' professional growth
  • PCW L12 - The ABC of caring for doctors caring for patients: Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships
  • PCW L13 - Assessing Clinical Skills with EPAs: Basics, Fundamentals and Mitigation of Bias
  • PCW L14 - Online open book examination – a novel assessment method in COVID times and beyond
  • PCW L15 - Micro-Scholarship: An innovative approach to the Scholarship of being a Medical Educator
  • PCW L16 - Are digital selection methods here to stay? What’s the evidence & emerging best practice
  • PCW L24 - Lifelong Learning: How to pave the way forward
  • PCW L17 - Masterclass: From Diversity to Inclusivity: Six Steps for Inclusive Health Professions Education Leadership

  • PCW L18 - Taking the lead: how to kick-start your research career in health professions education

  • PCW L19 - Pandemic Trauma and Stress Experience Among Faculty and Trainees: Helping Leaders Reduce Stress and Burnout through Organizational and Individual Approaches

  • PCW L20 - Pandemic recovery and reset on postgraduate medical education – what did we learn and how do we support recovery of both medical education and service

  • PCW L21 - “No More Camera On/Off Dilemma in Learner Engagement”: Key Concepts and Practical Strategies to Create an Active Learning Environment

  • PCW L22 - Finding “air & light & time & space”: Enhancing your writing process for better productivity and satisfaction

  • PCW L23 - Masterclass: Integrating Coaching into Medical Education and Faculty Development

Preconference Workshops Online

These workshops may only be purchased with an online conference registration.  Participants should note regional time of workshop at the time of registering.

  • PCW R1 - Stay up-to-date using the latest technology tools for EBM: Annotate, Store, Cite and Share like a pro!

  • PCW R2 - Developing OSCE Stations that Address Racism and Other Biases

  • PCW R3 - Building an effective virtual learning platform at the time of pandemics in a busy clinical setting

  • PCW R4 - Process of introducing programmatic assessment in a health sciences institution

  • PCW R5 - Social Media: A place to shed load or a load to shed?......finding the right balance in health professions education

  • PCW R6 - Gamification in Medical Education

  • PCW R7 - How do we go GLOCAL with Bioethics teaching?

  • PCW R8 - Enhancing psychological safety in interprofessional teams

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