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Are digital selection methods here to stay? What’s the evidence & emerging best practice

Day: Sunday 28 August
Time: 0930-1230
Venue: Lyon Congress Centre

Presenters: Charlotte Lambert1, Fiona Patterson1, Elis Sugiyarto1
1Work Psychology Group, Derby, UK

Background: The COVID-19 crisis resulted in major disruption to recruitment and selection practices across the globe because of prohibitions around face-to-face contact. Selection processes rapidly moved to digital methods such as remotely proctored admissions tests and online interviews. Technology has revolutionised the interviewing process, illustrating face-to-face interaction may no longer be necessary at all stages of the selection process (Levashina et al, 2014). Whilst applicants have been understanding of the changes, potential unintended consequences and further research of the validity and fairness of such high stakes online selection procedures remains relatively unknown (Basch & Melchers, 2021). We will review considerations of the accuracy, fairness, stakeholder acceptance, efficiency and scalability of digital selection methods when designing future selection schemes and discuss ‘are digital selection methods here to stay?’.
Who Should Participate: All those interested in selection into medicine and other healthcare professions, specifically, anyone with a particular interest in digital selection.
Structure of Workshop: Delegates will be provided with the key principles of digital selection method development and effective implementation of these results when making selection decisions. Emerging research evidence will be discussed alongside considerations for the future research agenda to consider if selection methods should revert to face-to-face methods or embrace technology in selection as ‘the new normal’. Practical exercises will focus on discussions of technology use within selection methods, the pros and cons of digital selection compared to face-to-face with opportunities to share real examples, and apply the principles provided in the workshop to consider how stations designed for in-person delivery would need to be adapted to ensure valid online delivery.
Intended Outcomes:

  • Review and discuss the benefits, challenges and practical implications associated with the use of technology in selection methods set within a healthcare context.

  • Understand best-research evidence regarding the use of digital, virtual selection methods within healthcare education.

  • Discuss emerging best practice to explore the strengths and limitations of digital selection and longer-term consequences, including what should selection look like post-COVID-19.

  • Understand how technology can be utilized to support selection method delivery, and important practical and policy considerations for future developments.

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