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Pandemic recovery and reset on postgraduate medical education – what did we learn and how do we support recovery of both medical education and service

Day: Sunday 28 August
Time: 1330-1630
Venue: Lyon Congress Centre

Presenters: Simon Gregory1, Sheona Macleod2
1 Health Education England, Cambridge, UK
2 Health Education England, Leicester, UK

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic pressed the pause/ stop buttons on the lives of everyone across the globe.  Health and care services adapted almost overnight.  Many doctors in training/ residents were redeployed to COVID services, others had a monochrome work experience.  In some countries education and training was initially paused but quickly services and educators adapted. At the AMEE 2021 conference we learned lessons from the globe and that fantastic solutions can be shared from the global south and the global north.  This session will be facilitated by colleagues from the Postgraduate Committee from across the globe. Content will include: The impact of the pandemic on training; Adaptations to training during the pandemic; Learning from those adaptations for future curricula, training and assessment; Opportunities to support training recovery; and Ensuring learner and educator wellbeing.
Who Should Participate: All interested in postgraduate education, especially trainees, supervisors and programme directors.
Structure of Workshop: There will be short presentations from members of the Postgraduate Committee and colleagues regarding the impact of the pandemic and how we have responded to recover educational training alongside training recovery with ongoing waves of infection.
Participants will share their own experiences, their learning and be able to test these with peers.
Intended Outcomes: This is an opportunity to share best practice and therefore to learn from others. It is an opportunity to share and scale up innovations.

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