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“No More Camera On/Off Dilemma in Learner Engagement”: Key Concepts and Practical Strategies to Create an Active Learning Environment

Day: Sunday 28 August
Time: 1330-1630
Venue: Lyon Congress Centre

Presenters: Julieana Nichols1, Audrea Burns 1, Adam Wolfe2, Tyree Winters3, Satid Thammasitboon1
1 Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA
2 Baylor College of Medicine, San Antonio, TX, USA
3 Atlantic Health System, Florham Park, New Jersey, USA

Background: As the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged educators to achieve learner outcomes in virtual learning environments equivalent to face-to-face instruction, skills in how to use educational frameworks and strategies to enhance learner engagement are paramount. We have developed an approach to support faculty in transitioning instructional design from passive to active delivery. This is a trainer-centered, highly dynamic workshop led by faculty that have extensively transformed lectures in Graduate Medical Education into interactive sessions using published active learning strategies.
Who Should Participate: Medical educators and trainees interested in expanding their active learning strategies.
Structure of Workshop: We primarily will use robust small group activities to guide participants through case-based teaching scenarios to critically examine how to improve learner engagement. Furthermore, we will discuss current challenges and barriers unique to the virtual learning environment.  Interactive sessions will be interspersed with brief micro-didactics highlighting practical examples and best practices to strategically use active learning strategies for scaffolding concepts and allowing learners to construct knowledge. Furthermore, the faculty will share an innovative conceptual framework, the ICAP Framework, that will allow precise mapping of desired learning outcomes with behaviorally-matched active learning strategies. Small groups will then work on transforming their own teaching session using learned strategies to integrate active learning for enhancing learner engagement. Participants will leave this workshop with a series of virtual resources for continuing to improve the trainee learning experience using diverse active learning techniques.
Intended Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to identify active learning strategies and match these strategies to desired learning outcomes.

  • Participants will be able to discuss the ICAP learning framework and apply instructional strategies grounded in the ICAP framework to an actual teaching session.

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