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Lifelong Learning: How to pave the way forward

Day: Sunday 28 August
Time: 0930-1230
Venue: Lyon Congress Centre

Presenters: Jane Tipping1, Esther de Groot2, Helena Filipe3
1 University of Toronto, Canada;
2 Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, Postgraduate Training Primary care, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands;
3 West Lisbon Hospitals Center, Dep MedEd University of Lisbon, Ophthalmology Foundation, Portugal


  • Educational literature supports the view that skills required for self-directed lifelong learning are an important aspect of effective continuing professional development.

  • The methods health professionals use to pursue their learning goals may vary based on learning preferences, context and availability of educational resources, but there is a genuine need to provide training that enables individuals to manage their learning in professional practice.

  • Commonly CPD is a random act relying on subjective perception rather than any form of systematic, directional activity fueled by objective performance data.

  • Literature also supports findings that health professionals find it difficult to accurately self-assess and need help creating individualized learning plans that are linked to their specific clinical practices.

  • Beyond structures and norms of developing educational interventions CPD educators need to develop their “adaptive expertise.

Who Should Participate: Open to those responsible for CPD activities who wish to provide structure and direction in the development of lifelong learning skills.
Structure of Workshop: This is an interactive workshop that encourages audience engagement. It is designed with a combination of short theory presentations and opportunities to apply to individual CPD practice.
Intended Outcomes: Participants will:

  • Deepen appreciation of the need to develop lifelong learning skills and support adaptive expertise

  • Discuss the role of reflection in lifelong learning

  • Determine the knowledge and skills necessary for structuring meaningful lifelong learning

  • Develop an action plan for application

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