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Practical problems in assessment

Day: Saturday 27 August
Time: 1330-1630
Venue: Lyon Congress Centre

Presenters: Ara Tekian1, John Norcini2
1 University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, USA
2 FAIMER, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Background: Assessment is central to learning, and faculty development programs on the topic typically support participants in the acquisition of the principles and theories underlying it. Nonetheless, there are several practical problems that occur often when theory meets practice. Some of these are simple and can be resolved easily, while others would profit from discussion with colleagues. This workshop will focus on some of these common practice problems. During the workshop some of these practical problems will be identified and potential solutions described. Included are challenges such as misalignment of purpose and method, failure to create a blueprint, misuse of scores, lack of reliability, and failure to apply a rational standard-setting process. Participants will be provided with a series of scenarios and work together toward identification of the problems they portray and the development of potential solutions to them.
Who Should Participate: Those involved in the practical work of assessment.
Structure of Workshop: This will be a highly interactive workshop with several exercises and group activities. There will be short presentations followed by several scenarios. Handouts will be distributed for future reference.
Intended Outcomes: Participants will recognize and learn how to overcome some of the practical challenges that they face in assessment. Furthermore, real examples will be provided to demonstrate how to identify a problem and how to remedy them.

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