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Day: Saturday 27 August
Time: 1300-1600  in Timezone UTC – 5 (New York time)
Venue: Online workshop

Presenters: Jennifer Benjamin1, Tyson Pillow1, Neil Mehta2
1 Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA
2 Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA

Background: Clinicians are required to stay informed to make evidence-based decision making for patient care. Despite the exponential increase in scientific publications and technological advances, there is no formal education for clinicians to use technology effectively to retrieve latest scientific articles to inform clinical decision making. Physicians need to develop strategies to avoid information overload from passive sources such as emails, autogenerated communication to prioritize relevant information. Managing passive information sources to avoid information overload, while staying current with evidence-based scientific literature requires effective strategies.
Who Should Participate: Students, Residents, Medical educators, Program directors, Clerkship directors
Structure of Workshop: In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn and apply effective theory-based strategies on processing active and passive information sources using the SAMR framework and cognitive load theory to avoid information overload. Participants will learn to use active strategies to personalize desirable research articles, utilize bookmarking tools such as Diigo for annotation, through live demonstration. They will learn to personalize information sources using autogenerated RSS feeds for relevant scientific literature using ‘Innoreader’ and ‘READ QxMD’ on their mobile device. They will learn to amplify their search result to find all relevant articles from their primary article for direct application in clinical practice using ‘Connected Papers’ and will learn strategies to safely store and retrieve articles for citing in manuscript writing using ‘Zotero’. Most of the workshop will be spent on small group work with hands on skills portions each in breakout rooms where participants will be able to download and personalize information feeds using Innoreader, amplify searches using Connected Paper and safely retrieve and cite relevant articles using Zotero with assistance from the instructors.
Intended Outcomes:

  • Define a framework that provides clear strategy using cognitive load theory to avoid information overload while filtering and prioritizing scientific literature.

  • Utilize the SAMR framework for technology integration prior to adopting new technologies

  • Identify technology tools that can be used to personalize and identify, store, and retrieve and cite evidence-based literature.

  • Apply technology tools for personalization and identification, storing and retrieval and citing articles for direct application in clinical practice

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