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Process of introducing programmatic assessment in a health sciences institution

Day: Saturday 27 August
Time: 0930-1230 in Timezone UTC + 1 (French time)
Venue: Online workshop

Presenters: Muriosa Prendergast1, Richard Arnett1
1 RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dublin, Ireland

Background: This pre-conference workshop will reflect the key steps in the development and delivery process when working towards the implementation of a programmatic assessment model in a health sciences discipline. Contributors experienced in all facets of scoping, design and operational implementation will deliver the workshop.
Who Should Participate: The workshop is suitable for anyone who has an interest in programmatic assessment and wishes to learn more about strategies for both design and implementation. The measures and principles, which can be used to develop a programmatic assessment model, will be applicable from a module level up to an entire medical/health sciences programme, and as a result will be of great benefit for a range of participants, from course instructors and coordinators to programme directors.
Structure of Workshop: This workshop will address the key areas for consideration when embarking on a journey of change to introduce programmatic assessment at either programme or institution level. Specifically, the workshop will allow participants to explore: The fundamental theory that underpins programmatic assessment; The concept of assessment as and for learning; Governance and Policy; Feedback, Remediation and Progression. Through practical exercises, the workshop will explore the process of: Realigning traditional assessment approaches to a programmatic model; Operationalising assessment design for practical delivery; Creating an collaborative environment for programme level assessment development.
Intended Outcomes: Participants will learn about the process of programmatic assessment strategy development and the change process that underpins it. They will also gain knowledge of how to achieve assessment change while navigating the complexity of programme level collaboration on assessment delivery. Through the understanding gained, participants will be able to troubleshoot the many complex issues that arise with this type of educational development. This workshop aims to provide participants with an exceptional set of skills with which to perform and manage the implementation of programmatic assessment within their own programme or institution.

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